Invisible Ink Pens - Body Art Glow Pens

One of the best things about glow parties is dressing up in bright colors and drawing ridiculous glowing tattoos on yourself and all your friends.

The ink in these amazing pens is undetectable until you step into a glow party room containing black lights. Under UV lights the invisible ink glows in extremely bright, vibrant, neon colors. The glow pens are specially manufactured with chisel tips which are perfect for drawing temporary glowing tattoos. Unlike fine tip pens which can hurt the skin, the thick chisel tip is soft and allows you to draw both thin & thick lines for better designs. The pens come in packs of three containing a blue pen, pink pen & yellow pen. 

Ultra Bright UV Reacting Glow Pens

These pens come in 4 amazing colors. The ink in these pens is already visible under normal lights however it becomes exceptionally bright under UV black lights.

These glow pens are the perfect way to add an intense array of colors to your black light party. Each pack contains four double ended pens with chisel tips, 2 x pink and yellow, and 2 x orange and green. Combine with the invisible ink pens as well to add a splash of blue color to your designs. Your party guests will have an amazing time creating and drawing pictures on each other that bring explosive color to any glow party room.
Mixed pen packages

Listed below are a range of pen packages that allow you to choose either invisible ink pens, ultra bright pens or a combination of both. We highly recommend you choose a combination package so that you have both styles of pen in the full color range. This will allow you to get more creative, as you mix colors in your temporary tattoos and designs. 

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20 x Ultra Bright glow party pens (5 packs). Each pen has two colours! 10 green/orange pens and 10 yellow/pink pens)
  • 20 x Ultra Bright glow party pens (5 packs). Each pen has two colours! 10 green/orange pens and 10 yellow/pink pens)
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20 Ultra Bright UV Reacting body art glow pens with chisel tips (10 pink/yellow and 10 orange/green). Pens contain liquid ink so you can do cool splatter designs or draw amazing temporary tattoos with thick or thin lines.

Give everyone a pen so they can get creative with their own funky cool designs.

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