Hire a Photo Booth from Crazy Town Parties - Photo Booth rentals are now available in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Gympie!!!

Photo Booth Pods are the latest craze in party entertainment and are perfect for birthday parties, weddings, engagement parties, corporate events and so much more.

What is a photo booth pod?

A photo pod is a free standing photo machine that takes and prints instant photos. The machine is not enclosed like regular photo booths and it only takes up 1m2 of space. This means you can fit as many people as you like in each photo and the photo pod will easily fit in a range of locations at your event. If you would like the photo pod to be enclosed you are welcome to set up your own curtains or barricades around the pod to suit the available space at the venue. 

What's included with the photo pod?

Each photo pod hire comes with the following items free of charge

- a ridiculous prop box full of fun fancy dress items (wigs. eyewear, novelty toys, hats, ties, and other accessories).
- unlimited strip print photos for the duration of the hire (details on the layout of the prints is explained further below).
- Your own logo or personalized message printed in the bottom square of every photo strip (e.g. Kurt's 21st Birthday).
- A USB stick with every photo from the night.

How much is a Crazy Town Parties photo pod to hire?

Prices start from just $390 for a three hour hire plus delivery fees (if applicable, see delivery areas tab above for more info on which areas incur fees).

Overnight hire is just $490 plus delivery fees (a full roll of photo paper will be supplied with overnight hires - take as many photos as you want until the paper runs out - enough for several hours of non stop photos).

Optional extras include:  a guest book for guests to stick in strip prints and write messages for the party host for $20.00.  

Add a photo booth to the hire of any other entertainment item on our site to receive a $100 DISCOUNT!

How does a Crazy Town Parties photo booth work?

Our photo booths are designed to be as simple to use as possible. All participants have to do is dress up, press the big red button, smile (or look ridiculous), and wait for their photos to print.

Can a Crazy Town Parties Photo Booth be set up outdoors?

The photo pod needs to be kept undercover so that the electrical components inside do not get damaged if it happens to rain. The photo pod is compact so finding a suitable under cover area at your venue shouldn't be too difficult. 

Can you print a date, name, slogan, brand, message or image on our photos?

For all events we can customise the background and base of the photo to include a logo or design of your choice. Simply send us the image or message (ensuring it meets our size and format requirements) and we can include it in the photo layout. Weddings can be customised to include a design or picture of the couple at the base of the photo. Corporate event photos can be customized to include a company brand or logo. You can add birthday messages, christmas designs or haloween themes. The opportunities are endless.

Do you provide me with a digital copy of the pictures of the event? 

Yes, we will provide you with a high resolution digital copy of all your images on a USB free of charge. Additionally, with your permission we can upload all of the pictures to our facebook page so they can be viewed and downloaded for free and shared on facebook by all your guests - provided they are not too rude ;).  You will have unlimited access to the photo gallery so you and your friends can download and share the photos as much as you want.

What are the dimensions of the photo pod?

Our Photo Pod is 800mm wide x 800mm long. 

How good is the picture quality?

Our photo booths are equipped with a high quality camera and printer to ensure fantastic picture quality and speedy prints.

Do you provide a prop box?

Yes! The prop box will include an assortment of wigs, silly hats, funny glasses, plastic weapons, bling and more. An example of the types of items you may recieve is pictured below.

An example of some of the items that may be included in your prop box

What areas do you cover and are there travel fees? 

We currently service Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Gympie areas. We offer some free deliveries for events close to our warehouses. For a list of our delivery areas and fees click here

3 Photo Strip print with personalized message

3 Photo Strip print with personalized message